Know the identity of your customers

LOQR Customer Onboarding solution gives your business the flexibility to decide how to onboard a new customer, ensuring compliance with applicable AML and KYC requirements and regulations, and providing the best user experience and convenience to your customers.

Intelligent Customer Data Acquisition

Intelligent data acquisition technology for user convenience with advanced OCR mechanisms, reducing journey duration and enhancing data reliability.

Due-Diligence Advanced Checks

Support for regulatory KYC and AML due-diligence processes, including PEP, RCA and SIP checks. Additionally, authenticity and validity checks are performed over the 6000+ different ID documents supported by the platform.

Video-interview and Biometry Support

Proprietary secure and reliable video-call technology to support self-recorded or operator-guided interviews.
Integrated biometric enrolment capabilities and liveness checks.

Key Benefits


Web, Mobile, Face-to-Face and Self-Service Kiosk

Global Coverage

6000+ documents oficial identity supported


Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer


Easy and Flexible Integration