Our CEO message for 2021

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In a year marked by distance, we had a cohesive and motivated team, we established new partnerships, conquered new clients, and strengthened our presence in existing clients.

Challenges that we faced as opportunities, as always!

For a “startup”, it turns out that it is more challenging to grow than to start! Today, looking back, it becomes easier to see why many “startups” failed. Actually, and according to statistics, only one in ten survive and I have had this experience as I have been on the side of the “nine”.

One of the most important lessons I learned was that knowing the market is key, understanding the needs of customers (listening to them), have well identified which problems we propose to solve, resolve them with innovative solutions and deliver, deliver, deliver…

All of this, trying not to derail from our purpose, our brand’s purpose!

This has been the fuel that drives us and has allowed the growth of our platform, our portfolio of solutions, and the diversification of our offer. 


In 2021 we will keep focused on delivering unique and innovative solutions, attentive to the market, aware that in this new reality changes in consumption habits are already visible, increasingly at a distance, and a greater concern with sustainability matters.

Therefore, it will be a year of consolidation of our purpose. We will keep empowering the change and a more balanced society when it comes to using technology as a vehicle for inclusion.

We will keep supporting organizations, challenging them to rethink and digitalize their processes, providing the necessary tools so that they can respond to their customers’ expectations, remotely, anticipating their needs.

We will keep brainstorming and launching new solutions that will allow organizations to offer digital products and services, in total security and compliance, promoting new ways of relationship with their own customers through excellent experiences, thus freeing up their employees for other, more complex tasks, but rather important.

It will also be a year of growth and expansion into new markets. We will start with Spain and who knows if we will get to where they no longer speak Spanish, but another language.

We keep forecasting our capital reinforcement, not critical, but desirable. We are a sustainable company but the additional capital will allow us to strengthen our team, so that we also have time for other things, equally or even more important. We will also invest in technology, in the broad improvement of everyone’s working conditions and in our international expansion.

It will be a year of great expectations because the world has changed, we have our goals well defined and we count with the best – team, investors, partners, and of course, our clients!

Thank you for the trust.

An excellent 2021!

Ricardo Costa – Founder & CEO