Harness the power of identity verification

Knowing your customers can help to improve their process and overall experience.

Say hi for those who came for good and close your doors to the others.

Provides your organization with a powerful and simple tool to validate, verify and keep updated the identity of your customers’, allowing you to build a better and more flexible (re)onboarding solution with frictionless user experience, while being compliant with applicable regulations.


Your one-stop verification platform focused in world class user experience.



Ask your customers for the necessary documents according to the predefined journey. The ID document is the minimum required, but other relevant documents such as proof of address can be requested.

Intelligent data acquisition with authenticity and validity checks done on ID documents.

Reduce your journey’s duration, enhance data reliability with advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows the capture of the ID and extraction of data, including the portrait image of the document holder.

  • 7.000+ documents from over 190 countries | supported worldwide
  • Passports, National IDs, Drivers’ Licenses
  • Additional documents
  • ID Authenticity check



Ask your Customers to take a selfie ou solicite uma entrevista assistida de acordo com a complexidade e aos requisitos de cada jornada.

através da entrevista assistida serão validados por um operados

After this is done, our identity verification engine begins its work behind the scenes. Here you can customise your flow to include fewer or more verification steps to suit your compliance requirements. With our fast and accurate facial biometrics, you can reliably verify the identity of your customer.

  • Liveness Detection
  • Face Matching?
  • 3D Face Authentication
  • Measures 3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections
  • Real-time Computer Vision

utilização da identidade

Identidade pronta a utilizar.

Uma vez nesta jornada aproveite para complementar a mesma permitindo aos seus clientes proceder à assinatura do contrato.

Ou possibilite ao utilizador proceder à ativação da autenticação forte, através do acesso imediato ao portal da sua organização.

Disponha de todos os dados recolhidos, todas as validações, todo o histórico e todas as informações válidas para efeitos de auditorias. 

In the final step we check both inputs for authenticity and make sure that the provided selfie and the document are genuine and compatible. The whole process takes less than 90 seconds after which your users can start using your product.

  • Transparency of transfered data points
  • GDPR compliant process
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • All results available via API

KEY Features

Knowing your customers can help to improve their onboarding process and overall experience

Seamless integration with your business ecosystem

A range of set-up and integration options to fit your UI/UX


The inadequacy or absence of Know Your Customer (KYC) standards can lead organizations to serious risks and liability.

KYC is the process used to verify the identities of customers through ID verification, face recognition, document verification, background checks and database comparison and aims to prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial fraud.

Organizations have to mandatorily verify the identity of their customers during the onboarding process in order to comply with KYC procedures, including the rigorous collection of numerous data points and documents.

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