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Loqr preemptively avoids fraud in financial transactions by leveraging continuous client authentication with smartphones. Simple to use and highly reliable!

  • Authenticate real clients, not their passwords or tokens.
  • Empower every client as its own Fraud Fighting Agent.
  • Avoid financial fraud by mitigating identity theft.
  • Simple to use, trustable and reliable!

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We are passionate about what we do.

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Seamlessly easy to adopt, our Product as a Platform was built from scratch to solve current and future authentication issues.


Full confidentiality and integrity of transaction data and total privacy of user authentication information. Comunication is ciphered with user unique strong keys and user privacy data is kept safe at the user side. Secure and simple!


Easy and cool, assuring a great user experience. Simple to use through simple interactions with client's smartphone (like a touch or a smile) using the best authentication factors available.


Dynamic risk-based selection and combination of authentication factors. Based on perceived risk scenarios for each transaction and available device's capabilities. Some factors like device, PIN/password, biometrics and behaviour will be required in order to ensure a secure authentication.


We provide a multimodal authentication platform compliant with organizations’ high level assurance needs whilst maintaining user-side simplicity.


Seamless integration with in any infrastructure. Simple API integration with existing service infrastructures or mobile applications, so you can easily and quickly provide your clients with cutting edge strong authentication solutions using your preferred factors.


Designed to scale up to unlimited devices and millions of simultaneous authentication transactions. Based on distributed processing architecture will be able to automatically increase capacity while maintaining location and hardware independence.


Always have the best authentication available. Promising new authentication technologies are continuously being scouted and integrated with our solution once they achieve our reliability requirements. Adopting Loqr means automatically getting present and future best authentication.


Cloud or on-premises, just choose which one is more adequate to you. Nevertheless, we will always be able address your needs.

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