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Authentication Management

Loqr is deploying world leading client recognition and access management systems, able to secure billions of user’s accounts.

Based on decades of expertise in identity, authentication and access control, our solutions aggregate the most effective technology available today, making authentication simple and enjoyable.


Managing remote authentication is now easier. Loqr Adaptive Authentication Platform as a Service [PaaS] is changing the way businesses engage, authenticate and manage distributed users.

Our Authentication services come with “simple to deploy” assurance, respecting privacy, security standards and the compliance requirements of your organization.

Onboarding Experiences

Leveraging easy authentication, to quickly identify clients, lets you promptly do business without useless distractions. We deliver personalized customer journeys, from amazing onboarding experiences to simple to use authentication, managed thought your own access portal.

When needed, we assure the strongest authentication of real persons, only achievable involving uniqueness of your client, partner or collaborator. We deliver simple to use authentication solutions and personalized customer journeys with killer onboarding experiences through a centralized management portal.


Supporting the last mile of your business digital transformation

Customers always expect convenience, so engaging them can be challenging.

Loqr offers amazing digital enrolment experiences, consistent across your service applications and delivery channels. From basic to complete multichannel personalized registration services, new clients are validated according to you needs, and promptly engaged to your business. And ever after, easily recognized by your services.

Keeping balance between ease of use and proper transactional security, requires making hard choices.

Raise both customer satisfaction and security levels in your business services with Loqr’s Adaptive Authentication solution.

Using our easy, proven and cost-effective technology, you receive more trustable identity validations while reducing the pain of who is authenticated - multi-factor authentication with lesser effort than typing a password. Based on real time contextual risk assessment of each transaction, Loqr dynamically combines client possession, knowledge, inherence and behaviour to adapt authentication level to your business requirements for each transaction. Customize the balance of security and customer convenience to meet your digital business requirements with Loqr’s adaptive authentication platform as a service.

Everyone is a single person, but still needs to keep up tens of account identities and authentication data.

Give your customer a single identification to authenticate and just manage access rights and requirements for your services.

Centrally manage and control, in a single system, digital profiles of customers, employees or partners, making optional use of multiple directory services like AD and LDAP. Make use of these profiles integrating your services with Loqr through developer-friendly REST API or using standards like OpenID Connect, SAML or OAuth 2.0. Customize access policies, define transactional risk rules and design authentication flows for entire applications or specific URLs. A single solution for all your authentication needs.

Seamlessly easy to adopt, our Product as a Platform was built from scratch to solve current and future authentication issues.


Full confidentiality and integrity of transaction data and total privacy of user authentication information. Comunication is ciphered with user unique strong keys and user privacy data is kept safe at the user side. Secure and simple!


Easy and cool, assuring a great user experience. Simple to use through simple interactions with client's smartphone (like a touch or a smile) using the best authentication factors available.


Dynamic risk-based selection and combination of authentication factors. Based on perceived risk scenarios for each transaction and available device's capabilities. Some factors like device, PIN/password, biometrics and behaviour will be required in order to ensure a secure authentication.


We provide a multimodal authentication platform compliant with organizations’ high level assurance needs whilst maintaining user-side simplicity, including the most recent regulations like PSD2, AML/KYC and GDPR.


Seamless integration with in any infrastructure. Simple API integration with existing service infrastructures or mobile applications, so you can easily and quickly provide your clients with cutting edge strong authentication solutions using your preferred factors.


Designed to scale up to unlimited devices and millions of simultaneous authentication transactions. Based on distributed processing architecture will be able to automatically increase capacity while maintaining location and hardware independence.


Always have the best authentication available. Promising new authentication technologies are continuously being scouted and integrated with our solution once they achieve our reliability requirements. Adopting Loqr means automatically getting present and future best authentication.


Cloud or on-premise, choose what you need. Nevertheless, we will always be able to address your needs.

Some of Our Use Cases

Recent regulations like PSD2, AML/KYC and GDPR, represent major challenges to Financial Services. While some see major threats, new fintech and versatile banks find great opportunities to gain new clients and expand business.

After national regulatory changes, our client bank is now opening accounts to new remote clients, using only digital means.

Using Loqr Easy Onboarding, our client created a personalized onboarding customer journey to engage new clients. In just a few minutes, anyone can now open a bank account remotely, without any paper, handwritten signature or travelling. Using a browser, or the bank mobile app, regulation required information is submitted and a video interview with a bank representative is conducted. Loqr integrates the bank app and the webservices to manage automated gathering of data. Client contact is verified, ID physical image analysed, identification data validated. During video interview, ID contained photo is matched with captured client images. After immediate approval, the new client is able to seamless digitally sign the account opening contract.

And now, they are growing faster and easier, reaching customers even across borders, with no need of local branches to reach new clients.

Major retailers’ business growth led to several different versions of their customer profiles stored across different applications leading to disjointed customer experiences and uncoherent customer data.

Our client in the retail industry is now able to deliver an integrated customer experience across several different applications and visualize their clients unified profile stored in one unique location.

Using Loqr Easy Onboarding, our client created a personalized onboarding customer journey to re-engage existing clients and engage new ones. In just a few minutes and with very simple steps, existing digital or non-digital clients and new ones can now create a unified centralized customer profile. Using Loqr Unified Access Management, our client can deliver an integrated customer experience across several different channels and applications, including their new mobile apps. They can share the access to their customer profile through several applications. They are also able to easily integrate new or existing partners to their loyalty card program. Always in accordance with the customer consent and recurring to transactional based authorization tokens.

And now, they can centrally manage their customer database, to easily provide more loyalty card partnerships and keep their clients happier.

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